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Conservative Dentistry

L’The conservative dentistry The conservative dentistry is the specialty that takes care of repair and dental reconstruction for caries or traumatisms. This is what we popularly known as the fillings.

Today, this definition is a bit poor to include all the arsenal of restoration possibilities that we currently have.

The main problem of tooth decay is that while it effects only the enamel layer it does not give any discomfort, therefore, it is important to carry out periodic reviews.

Feel any kind of sensitivity, it is because caries have penetrated the enamel layer and it is probable that you will need to perform an endodontic treatment because caries are in the dentin, that is bordering on the pulp chamber (the dental nerve).

With our treatments and using the latest technology materials, our dentists manage to apply the necessary treatments you to keep your teeth healthy and functional. Moreover, composite seals, inlays and veneers allow achieving aesthetic results that are very natural and comfortable.



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